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Welcome, dear listener. You have stumbled upon a hidden vault filled with nightmarish visions. Original and classic horror adaptations to chill your bones, stop your heart, and tear at your very soul. Now, come close and sit by the fire. The rain outside is torrential and I doubt you would get far in the dark. 

Let us pass the time with a story, for I have such a strange and ominous tale to tell...

Mar 17, 2017

This week we return with a new episode of Real Horrors. Our documentary series exploring the truth behind actual horrific events. We take you now to a farm in the south of Germany. It is called Hinterkaifek, and it is the scene of a brutal unsolved murder which puzzles law enforcement even today.

Written, narrated &...

Mar 4, 2017

A traveller acquires the journal of a missing explorer and seeker of the rite of The Black Meal, said to invoke the monstrous Spirit Tiger, a entity with an insatiable hunger for human flesh... A tale of ancient evil and bloody retribution from author Aaron Vlek:

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Feb 24, 2017

Another original horror story by Michael Whitehouse for you to get your teeth into. Grab your tools, fedora and whip, for we are going on an archaeological expedition. We might find something historically important, or perhaps we'll just find a few sinister Bits & Pieces...

Written, narrated & scored by Michael...

Feb 6, 2017

Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale of the macabre -- of madness, obsession and cold-blooded murder -- narrated by Martin Yates.

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"Spider Eyes", Kevin MacLeod (
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Jan 16, 2017

Geoffrey Sykes Vermillion, detective and master occultist, faces off against a force of unspeakable darkness in this tale of the macabre from author Aaron Vlek: 

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