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Welcome, dear listener. You have stumbled upon a hidden vault filled with nightmarish visions. Original and classic horror adaptations to chill your bones, stop your heart, and tear at your very soul. Now, come close and sit by the fire. The rain outside is torrential and I doubt you would get far in the dark. 

Let us pass the time with a story, for I have such a strange and ominous tale to tell...

Apr 20, 2021

A young couple heads to Scotland on holiday, but they soon have a harrowing experience in the woods of this ancient country.

I'm experimenting with minimalist horror at the moment. Each of these episodes is labelled "Night Terrors". I hope you enjoy this one.

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Apr 11, 2021

A tribute to the work of Soren Narnia and Knifepoint. This episode is an experiment in minimalist horror,  written and performed by Michael Whitehouse. Moving forward, I'll label these experimental episodes as "Night Terrors". Feedback is always gratefully received.

Got a request? Or maybe you just want to say hi! Drop...